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What is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is a means of meeting with a patient when the patient or the provider are not currently in the same location. It is NOT conducted over a medium such as Skype because it needs to be done over a website that is HIPPA compliant and Skype is not HIPPA compliant. Both the patient and the provider agree to meet at a specified time for an appointment and they both sign onto a secure website that is given to the patient by the provider. Both parties are able to see and hear one another through their computers. There is no special equipment necessary.

Please note that the patient must be a resident of the State where the provider is licensed. In my case, if you are a resident of FL, AZ, CA, IA, or WA then we can meet via telepsychiatry regardless of where you are located during the time of the session.

I offer telepsychiatry services with my patients utilizing a venue that is HIPPA protected and secured. This affords me the option of being able to provide ongoing psychotherapy and medication management to anyone who is a resident of FL, AZ, CA, IA, or WA regardless of where they are located. For example, many patients live in FL for 6 months of the year and the other 6 months they reside elsewhere. I am able to continue seeing them via Telepsychiatry with no difficulties. I currently have a DEA # in the States of Iowa and Florida for controlled substances Schedule II-V.

For Example:

ADHD/ADD: I am licensed in IA and FL to prescribe controlled substances (Schedule II medications) for ADHD and ADD to both children and adults.



PDgo Brown