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As a Clinical Health Psychologist AND a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner I am able to partner with my clients in a collaborative relationship to help them achieve maximum emotional health. My therapy approach is eclectic and depends on client needs. Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is often incorporated with other treatment modalities into the therapy mileau. As a Board-Certified Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner I am able to prescribe psychiatric medications for my clients in the following States where I am licensed: Florida, California, Arizona, Iowa, and Washington State. A Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is able to prescribe psychiatric medications for persons of all ages from children up to the elderly. My dual licensure affords me a broader scope of practice which allows me to work my clients to achieve the optimum quality of life and emotional stabilization for my clients. Please note that in the State of Florida Nurse Practitioners are unable to prescribe controlled substances until January 1, 2017.

I prefer, whenever possible, to coordinate a patient's care with their entire health care team encompassing their primary care physician, and any applicable specialists such as pediatricians, therapists, cardiologists, nutritionists, surgeons, board certified bariatricians (obesity experts),  neurologists, urologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, etc.  I utilize TECHNIQUES and THERAPY APPROACHES which are thoroughly grounded and supported by medical and psychological empirical research and are published in respected journals! I also respect the FDA guidelines when prescribing psychotropic medications for clients adjusting for age appropriateness. 

I am a credentialed member of the medical staff at the Indian River                                                                      Medical Center and Palm Bay Hospital.




Phone: (772) 234-5800

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